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Photo of Interior of Self-Driving Car

Shared Autonomous Vehicles

The adoption of AV technologies has the potential to impact the urban environment significantly in both positive and negative ways. It is important for cities to think through the complex interactions between vehicle autonomy and, for example, pedestrians, ...

Diagram showing range of mobility options, from bikeshare to fixed route.

Shared Mobility Funding Strategies

Traditional sources of funding through the government and local partnerships play an important role in funding shared mobility projects. However, those sources do not always cover the entire cost of a project, nor do they necessarily supply the sustained ...

Blue LA Launch

The Importance of Shared, Electric Mobility, 2020

This Learning Module on the Importance of Shared, Electric Mobility, is part of a collaboration between SUMC and the Hewlett Foundation that aims to explore a broad array of electric and shared mobility pilot projects across the U.S. and to build greater ...