Webinar: App-Based Solutions for an Integrated Transportation Network, 2016

Date: Apr 12, 2016

Webinar Overview:

App-based solutions are being implemented in a growing number of transit agencies around the country. From mobile ticketing to comprehensive trip planning, mobile technology will be a major component of integrated transportation systems in the future. In April 2017, SUMC conducted a webinar that brought together leading experts from both the public and private sectors to offer real examples of app-based solutions that can lead to greater efficiency and connectivity in multimodal transit systems.


Webinar topics and presenters included:

·       Evolution of Ticketing & Route Planning: Sharon Feigon, Executive Director, SUMC

·       Mobility as a Service: Andy Taylor, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cubic

·       Real-Time Data: Regina Clewlow, VP of Business Development, Swiftly

·       Implementation: Adam Mehl, Market Development Specialist, Metro Transit

·       Bringing it all Together:  Bibiana McHugh, IT-GIS Manager, TriMet


The webinar recording and presentations are available for download here: 

·       Download webinar presentations without audio

·       View the webinar recording