Dockless Bikesharing Pilot, Austin, Texas, 2018

  • Date Enacted: Feb 1, 2018


The City of Austin passed the attached ordinance to add dockless bikesharing to the city’s schedule of fees ($30 per bike), thus permitting their operation in the right-of-way. The passage of the ordinance was preceded by a Recommendation for Council Action and a memorandum from the Austin Transportation Department that envisions how the new, privately-owned bikeshare might exist beside the city-owned B-Cycle docked bikesharing network. Among the strategies are expanding the docked network, while using the dockless system to extend the service area of bicycle sharing. Also, as a circumscribed pilot, the permitting regime can be reexamined in one year.

Updated March 2018

Citation: Ordinance no. 20180201-058

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  • Austin, Texas, United States
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