Federal Autonomous Vehicle Policy, “Automated Driving Systems 2.0,” United States, 2017

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  • Date Enacted: Sep 6, 2017


Published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the USDOT, this update to the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy, 2016 linked below, is significantly shorter (per linked website), and while it “offers a non-regulatory approach to automated vehicle (AV) technology safety,” the document both provides specific guidance for a safety framework for automated driving systems (ADS), and identifies those agencies that might best assist in regulation, as well as “Best Practices for Legislatures.”

Voluntary Guidance for Automated Driving Systems (Voluntary Guidance). The USDOT offers 12 priority safety design elements for consideration by the industry, and discusses these within the context of the SAE Automation Levels 3 through 5.

Technical Assistance to States, Best Practices for Legislatures Regarding Automated Driving Systems (Best Practices). “Clarifies and delineates Federal and State roles in the regulation of ADS

See Link for Preparing for the Future of Transportation, Automated Vehicles 3.0

Updated January 2018

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