Making Multi-Modal Connections, District of Columbia, 2011

  • Date Enacted: Apr 8, 2011


Multi-modal connections refer to the links between different modes of travel, such as Metrorail, bus, and private cars. These connections can be improved by expanding Metrorail stations to allow for more effective bus and streetcar transfers, particularly as streetcars, RapidBus, and Bus Rapid Transit services become more common. Similarly, better pedestrian amenities, increased bicycle parking and more visible parking for car-share vehicles at Metrorail stations can enhance connections.

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Key Definitions: Create more direct connections between the various transit modes consistent with the federal requirement to plan and implement intermodal transportation systems. Improve connections between District neighborhoods through upgraded transit, auto, pedestrian and bike connections, and by removing or minimizing existing physical barriers such as railroads and highways.
Citation: Rule 10-A408

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