MTC Staff Report on Carshare Grant Program

  • Date Enacted: Dec 10, 2014


In April 2014, MTC programmed $2 million of Cycle 2 Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program (CMAQ) funds to increase car sharing in Bay Area communities as part of the Climate Initiatives Program (Climate Program). The Climate Program is a multi-faceted program aimed at reducing transportation-related emissions and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and is a critical strategy of Plan Bay Area.

Project Selection Process  In July 2014, MTC issued a call for projects for the Car Sharing Program to expand car sharing in the following areas:

1. Suburban or urban communities that do not currently have robust car sharing service

2. Underserved minority or low-income communities

3. Business parks and transit connections 4. Innovative / new technologies, i.e. point-to-point car sharing, electric vehicle (EV) fleet, etc.

Document lists project applications.

Excerpt sourced from document.

See Equity Carshare Policies and Practice, Oakland, California, 2015 for full analysis.