New open payment system introduced for public tranist fares, Miami, FL, 2019

  • Date Launched: Aug 22, 2019


As a result of a partnership with Cubic Transportation Systems, the Miami Dade Department of Transit and Public Works rolled out a new open payment system at all systems in August 2019.  This system allows travelers to pay fares directly at Metrorail faregates using bankcards (such as contactless-enabled Visa and Mastercard bank cards), wearable devices, or digital wallets (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay).  Travelers can now pay for trips without needing to wait at ticket vending machines and purchase specific transit farecards, increasing convenience for all public transit users.

The partnership was a result of a 2016 contract awarded to Cubic to modernize the Miami-Dade EASY Card revenue management system.

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