Peer-to-Peer Insurance Statute, Oregon, 2012

  • Date Enacted: Jan 2, 2012


Signed in June of 2011 and effective January 1, 2012, this bill was modeled after a California law (linked, below) and establishes standards for personal vehicle sharing programs. “Personal vehi62cle sharing” refers to the use of a private passenger vehicle by a person(s) other than the vehicle’s registered owner in connection with a personal vehicle sharing program. The bill requires personal vehicle sharing programs to provide liability insurance and assume all liability when the vehicle is in use by the program. It also prohibits the vehicle owner’s insurers from cancelling or reclassifying their policy because they participate in such a program. However, the vehicle owner’s insurer may refuse to provide coverage while the vehicle is in use by the personal vehicle sharing program. The personal vehicle sharing program must provide proof of insurance and comply with other recordkeeping requirements (see Chapter 355 Oregon Laws 2011, Section 22).

Citation: HB 3149

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