Shared Mobility with Sound Transit Settlement Funding, Mercer Island, Washington, 2017

  • Date Launched: Oct 17, 2017


The City Mercer Island is an affluent community that is connected to Seattle through Interstate 90 over the Murrow and Hadley floating bridges. In response to the removal of access to make way for the East-West Link, a light rail project, Sound Transit reached a $10 million settlement with the city, which claimed that it violated agreements dating to the 1970s. The council approved (AB 5346) $5.3 million to traffic/safety enhancements and last mile solutions, with $226,900 going to FMLM solutions. Additional discussions (AB 5370) considered ridesharing (i.e. TNCs), carpooling, and bikesharing solutions, with the city ulimately deciding on subsidized Uber and Lyft rides to the express bus to Seattle.

Updated April 2018

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