Transportation Management, Santa Ana, California, 2002

  • Date Enacted: Aug 5, 2002


Any development project that creates a site having two hundred fifty (250) or more employees may adversely impact existing transportation and parking facilities, resulting in deteriorating levels of traffic service, increased motor vehicle emissions, and possibly significant additional capital expenditures to augment and improve the existing transportation system. All such projects shall be required to prepare and submit a TDM strategy plan to the city. Originally introduced in: 4/15/91; 8/5/02. Citation: Chapter 36-6

Key Definitions: "Transportation demand management (TDM) means programs, plans, policies or projects designed to reduce demand on the transportation system or maximize its efficient use. TDM can include, but is not limited to, an emphasis on alternative travel modes to the single occupant vehicle such as carpools, vanpools and transit; reduction or elimination of the number of vehicle trips; shifts in the time of vehicle commutes to other than the peak period; or programs and projects to increase capacity on the transportation system." p.3
Citation: Chapter 36-6

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