Wal-Mart Grocery Delivery with Uber and Lyft, Denver, Colorado, 2016

  • Date Enacted: Jun 3, 2016


Wal-Mart is piloting a project with Uber and Lyft to deliver groceries.  A customer would order groceries online and select a delivery window.  A Wal-Mart employee would then fulfill the order and call Uber or Lyft to take the order directly to the customer’s location.  The delivery charge for the service is approximarely $7 to $10.

Wal-Mart is testing the service in Phoenix and Denver.

For more information see the Wall Street Journal Article, Wal-Mart to Test Grocery Deliver with Uber and Lyft.

Citation: http://www.wsj.com/articles/wal-mart-to-test-grocery-delivery-with-uber-and-lyft-1464926454

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