Woodward 2 Work (W2W) Late Night FMLM Lyft Service, Detroit, Michigan, 2018

  • Date Launched: May 8, 2018


The Detroit Department of Transport (DDOT) has partnered with Lyft to provide first and last mile rides to the 24-hour Route 53 Woodward bus line. DDOT is providing up to $7 in credit (approx. 1.3 miles), per night, which will be applied when users text the provided number with W2W. It can be used from 12 AM-5 AM on weeknights. Non-smartphone users can call Lyft Concierge, and the unbanked can use prepaid giftcards (minimum $25 balance).

The pilot program will offer 2000 rides, at which point DDOT will evaluate it.

Updated May 2018

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