Guadalajara, Mexico

Nov 5, 2019
Regulation Type: Permit requirements for pilot program, Local ordinance or statute (beyond permitting)
Vehicle Types: Unpowered bicycle, Electric powered bicycle
Dockfulness: Dockless

Table of Contents

Operating Regulations & Restrictions


Maximum Speed

25 km/h


Operating Area Types:
  • Other Designated Sub-municipal Area
  • City

Polygons are classified as mandatory, optional and restricted. During the pilot test the polygons established by it will be mandatory and the rest of the municipal territory will be defined as a restricted polygon. The operation of the pilot test will be carried out in the mandatory zone 1 central polygon, the zone 2 east zone polygon, is optional, in the case that the municipality of Tlaquepaque is incorporated into the operation. The rest of the municipality is a restricted polygon.

Areas Where Operation is Prohibited:
  • Sidewalk

The parking of the vehicles of the Individual Network Transportation Systems in their different Modalities will be prohibited on any sidewalk or ridge.


  • Dedicated drawers
  • Landscaping / parkway / furniture zone
  • Street / curb

Operators must hire 0.45 linear meters of exclusive parking spaces, previously authorized by the Directorate on public roads, for each bicycle that they operate. The operators will be responsible for covering the costs derived from the installation, removal or transfer of the necessary infrastructure for the exclusive parking spaces.

Vehicles, Fleets, Fees, Fares

Vehicle Requirements



Maximum fleet permitted within jurisdiction: 6,733

Maximum fleet permitted per provider: 1,000

The maximum number of vehicles of the Individual Network Transportation Systems, by modality, by municipality will be determined based on the formula of the municipality's cargo capacity which is (((Number of persons of economically active age + Number of employed personnel) / 2) / 100). This formula will apply to the entire municipality, and this will be responsible for making the distribution of their vehicles according to the fleet distribution strategy.

Minimum Operating Requirements:

Fares & Payment Methods

Payment Method Requirements:

  • Cash payment
  • Non-digital payment

Cash and electronic payment. About payment systems, participants are suggested to establish a payment method that allows users to access the service even if they do not have a credit or debit bank card.

Fare Regulation:

Government & Equity


Connection to Other Government Goals:
Objective of the pilot test is to:
- Promote the individual network transport system service under the Scooter (electric skate) and bicycle without anchor modes
- incorporate data regarding the operation, especially supply and demand, conflict registration, risks in the operation and all those that contribute to sustainable mobility that prioritizes other modes of travel, especially assets that guarantee safe, efficient and quality trips for those who integrate our community and, above all, to reduce the presence of gases in the atmosphere as an opportunity to improve the environment, under the principles of accessibility, equity and security.

Communications and Data


Provider communication responsibilities:
  • Contact methods
  • Multilingual interface/website
  • Personal data collection disclosure
  • Operation rules

The customer service telephone number must be available during system service hours.
You must have a multilingual web page, which contains at least:
- Instructions for use;
- User's Guide;
- Privacy policy whose exercise of ARCO Rights may be effective in the State; you must also
share the information listed below, unless you have the legal restrictions to deny your access, in which case you must present them to document your non-compliance since it is part of the evaluation.
- Rate scheme;
- Map of exclusive drawers;
- Open data of the system operation that can be updated monthly;
- Rights and obligations of the operator.
The applications must explicitly corroborate the user's acceptance of any privacy policy, terms of service, user agreements, or data collection permissions.


Data Specification Requirements:

  • GBFS

GPS Required? Yes

Data Requirements:
The downloadable information on the page should be available in .json format and be consulted via REST API. The downloadable information will be as follows: Origin, trip tracking, destination, trip start time, trip end time, trip ID, vehicle id, user gender, user age. Attached to the General Specifications of Shared Bicycle Power (GBFS);

Public data reporting:
Operators must put online a website with the real-time location of total devices that are not making a trip and are available for use. The page must offer the large total of devices operating in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, the number of trips made on the day, the week, the month, the year and the total accumulated trips, the number of registered users.

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