Beijing, China

Sep 15, 2017
Regulation Type: Departmental guidelines, checklists, or administrative rules without force of law
Vehicle Types: Unpowered bicycle
Dockfulness: Dockless

Table of Contents

Operating Regulations & Restrictions


Maximum Speed

25 km/h


  • No regulation

Vehicles, Fleets, Fees, Fares

Vehicle Requirements

National Standard

GB 3565 and GB/T 19994, national and industrial technical standards.


The scale of shared bicycle development is matched with the short-distance travel demand of the citizens, the urban space bearing capacity, and the road resources and the carrying capacity of the parking facilities.

Government & Equity


Connection to Other Government Goals:
The Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Planning Land and Resources Commission compiled the slow-moving system and transportation network planning, and the non-motor vehicle parking management plan; the Municipal Transportation Commission formulated technical guidelines for bicycle parking areas and shared bicycle system technology and service specifications.

Safe Infrastructure Requirements:
Guarantee non-motorized road rights, plan to set up relatively independent bicycle lanes, promote the construction of slow-moving systems, improve the network and accessibility of bicycle lanes, and increase bicycle traffic. Construct a perfect network system integrating urban non-motor vehicle traffic and urban greenway system.

According to the city's non-motor vehicle parking management planning and parking order status, the total amount of regulation and control will be carried out to implement dynamic balance on vehicle delivery.

Communications and Data


Provider communication responsibilities:
  • Parking
  • Operation rules

Enterprises should cooperate with government departments to strengthen publicity, guide the public to regulate the use of vehicles, jointly maintain parking order, and create a good social environment


Data Specification Requirements:

  • Other specified standard

GPS Required? Yes

Data Requirements:
Required: The data collection interface is in the form of a distributed message queue, implemented by Kafka 0.11.0;
Data exchange content includes order information, vehicle basic information, vehicle dynamic information, enterprise basic information, tenant credit information, and the like.

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