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Autofleet's software-as-a-service solution enables any kind of fleet to optimize their existing operations, provide multiple services from one pool of vehicles, and launch new advanced and sustainable shared mobility services. Autofleet is currently operating in over 10 countries around the world, optimizing tens of thousands of vehicles in shared mobility solutions, for leading mobility operators such as Avis Budget Group, Zipcar, Keolis, Bluebird, Revel and Alto.

Where does Autofleet operate?

In the United States, we operate in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Huston, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Honolulu, LA, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Fransisco, Seattle.

Outside of the United States, we operate in Toronto, Canada; London, UK; Gothenburg, Sweden; Neustadt, Germany; Singapore; Jakarta, Indonesia.

How does Autofleet provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Our vehicle-as-a-service platform enables our partners to launch and manage accessible mobility solutions, with dozens of unique features which ensures the mobility services are accessible and meet the needs of the community they serve - for example, the platform takes into consideration the needs of the passenger (wheelchair, stroller, any other accessibility needs) and the features of the vehicle and even the driver (such as langues and skills) when matching each passenger into a shared/pooled ride. In addition, the driver app supports all languages as well as special needs, to make sure it can be used by all. The autofleet platform enables to supply smart shared mobility solutions to serve rural areas and communities that lack accessible sufficient transportation solutions. Using advanced machine-learning technology, that can predict demand and make real time changes to the operation, the platform allows an optimized and efficient mobility service, that can better serve communities which are lacking public or other transportation.

How does Autofleet make its products or services equitable?

As mentioned above, the Autofleet platform enables its partners to operate optimized and efficient technology-based shared mobility solutions, that take into consideration the community's, as long as each passenger's, needs, providing an equitable mobility service to serve all.

Media and Case Studies

Bluebird Partners With Autofleet and ABeam to Optimize and Scale One of Asia’s Largest Taxi Fleets

"Bluebird Group (Bluebird), Indonesia’s leading taxi operator, has engaged with Autofleet and ABeam Consulting for a project to support its national fleet of over 23,000 vehicles with Autofleet’s Vehicle-as-a-Service platform. By leveraging the Autofleet platform, Bluebird will be able to optimize its fleet’s vehicle placement, match and predict drivers based on demand forecasting to reduce empty rides, optimize allocation efficiency, allow for greater availability in traditionally under-served areas, reduce customer ETAs and improve overall customer experience."