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Commutifi is the world's premier commuter data platform with the goal of making cities more livable by improving the daily commute. Our patented Commuter Score quantifies and compares all commuting options based on time, cost, and carbon emissions to identify and suggest the best one for each individual. This helps limit the number of suboptimal commuting choices, which currently impact cities, employers, and real estate developers, as they experience the effects of over-stressed infrastructure, under-utilized programs, an unhappy workforce, and an unnecessary level of emissions. We operate globally from our offices in Boulder, Colorado, U.S and Montreal, QC, Canada.

Where does Commutifi operate?

Commutifi operates globally.

How does Commutifi provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Using our advanced route mapping technology, we can gain deep insight into how a commuter interacts with the transportation system around them and the impacts of those decisions. We can do this for every conceivable commute an individual may choose to take, including driving, public transit, and active commutes. We can also tap into mobility apps to understand real-time behavior, look at stops people take along the way to work like dropping kids off at school, and track shared mobility like shuttles, vanpools, and more. All of this helps us create what we call a commuter profile. These profiles tell us what an individual does, has done, and could do in the future. The data we are able to collect from these commuter profiles allows us to measure with extreme precision the cost, time, and emissions of an individual's commutes. The advanced route analytics, impact calculations, and our patented Commuter Score all work to power our industry-leading commuter data platform to enable organizations and cities to create accessible transportation programs for commuters with disabilities.

How does Commutifi make its products or services equitable?

Commutifi is a B2B company aimed to provide a premier, data-driven commuter platform to employers, commercial real estate, and municipalities. As such, we do no sell directly to commuters. Instead, organizations purchase Commutifi products (CommuteManagement, Mobility Card, etc) and commuters then gain access through their organizations. The platform can be sold as a complete SaaS product (paid monthly or annually) that includes everything we offer or as separate products, depending on customer need. These product lines can be purchased as a subscription like our complete product or as one-time fees for individual use. A number of our products are the Commuter Data Platform (SaaS), Commute Management Platform (SaaS), Commuter Survey (one-time or SaaS), One-time commuter data report (one-time), and Mobility Card (transactional).

Media and Case Studies

Boulder B-Cycle, Commutifi Partner to Offer Cycling Pass Discount

"Boulder B-Cycle, the system of about 300 bikes that are docked at 45 stations throughout the city and can be ridden by paying users, is partnering with Commutifi to offer cheaper passes to employees in the city. It will allow any worker registered on Commutifi — which researches commuting patterns and provides insights on targeted mobility solutions to make commutes faster, cheaper and greener — to sign up for Boulder B-Cycle from the Commutifi platform. Doing so unlocks an exclusive discount only for Commutifi users, a news release from Commutifi said."


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