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Innovate Mobility


Phone: 714-886-9580


Innovate Mobility designs data analysis solutions to help cities understand where and how people travel. We use this data to redesign transit networks and create new microtransit shared ride services. By using data, we are able to create integrated, seamless mobility networks.

Where does Innovate Mobility operate?

How does Innovate Mobility provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

We have a tool that geolocates vulnerable populations, including those with disabilities. Using this tool we are able to measure the experience of vulnerable populations using public services like transit, and other modes like ride hailing.

How does Innovate Mobility make its products or services equitable?

We have designed a product known as the mobility vulnerability index. This tool allows us to determine how long it takes populations who do not have access to cars or jobs to travel throughout a city. We use the index to compare transit, driving, and other modes across populations to help cities understand how equitable and accessible their services are.

Media and Case Studies

Innovate Mobility is currently working with the City of Fairfield California to redesign their network to provide a better rider experience while also improving equity and accessibility. We are able to provide our report to SUMC with permission from our client.