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Joyride is a global mobility platform that enables companies and entrepreneurs to launch and manage entire fleets of shareable scooters, bikes and anything else that's smaller than a car that moves. We are a complete “mobility in a box” platform, from hardware purchasing to software integration to managing and supporting mobility businesses once they're in motion.

Where does Joyride operate?

Joyride operates internationally. Their partners have clocked millions of miles across 200+ markets and five continents.

How does Joyride provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Our rider app and backend dashboard do not have accessibility features.

At present, there are no micromobility devices on the market useable by visually impaired riders without a guide present, however Joyride is integrated with a wide range of IOTs that could control such devices and would need to evaluate any additional changes on a case-by-case basis. Implementation of such vehicles would be up to the shared mobility operator (our customers).

How does Joyride make its products or services equitable?

We work with entrepreneurs to enable them to quickly launch and grow a shared mobility service. We created Joyride Academy to help new businesses navigate regulatory hurdles, plan their business and avoid costly pitfalls.

The pricing of a shared mobility service is again, up to the operator. They may choose to offer a low-income ride pass option and/or provide service to specific neighborhoods/equity zones. Out platform also supports a feature for cardless payments for users without a credit card. Operators can create a wallet credit promo, generate promo codes for it, print the promo codes, and sell them at physical retail locations.

Media and Case Studies

How Joyride Enabled Zipp Mobility to Grow 20x in Four Months

"When the UK government announced its plans to legalize scooter-sharing trials in mid-2020, Dublin-based Zipp Mobility was ready to take months of planning into acceleration mode. With a fleet of electric scooters and a strong focus on sustainability in place, Zipp required a software platform and fleet-management system that would allow the company to secure sought-after local permits and seamlessly toggle between cities. Enter Joyride. Within a three-week period, Joyride developed Zipp Mobility’s white-label user app that riders can download to unlock scooters on their iOS and Android devices; a fleet-management operator app; a web-based administrative dashboard that integrates
payment processing and gives full operational control and customer support; an in-app ID-verification tool that enables riders to gain license approval upon rental; and the ability to support 100,000 calls/commands per second.",CASE%20STUDY,-How%20Joyride%20Enabled