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Milligan Partners


Phone: 888-885-1302


Milligan Partners LLC was formed in 2012 with a goal to deliver mobility solutions with a perspective on leading edge technologies. Co-founders Matt Milligan and Tyler Milligan also created Ruuftop, a sister company, to develop blockchain solutions that can streamline the services that drive our communities. We actively invest in new ideas with open innovation to reimagine transportation services and create new possibilities.

Where does Milligan Partners operate?

How does Milligan Partners provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Our blockchain products seek to assist with data sharing among trusted partners. This could offer a solution to improve coordination of transportation services for people with disabilities.

How does Milligan Partners make its products or services equitable?

Blockchain has seen incredible growth and utilization around the world in both public and private sector industries. While it has not yet burst onto the transportation scene in a big way, it is not hard to imagine that it is a deep well of untapped potential that can futurize the industry. For example, our digital ID product has the ability to harness the unique features of blockchain in order to both address deep-rooted issues in the transportation sector and introduce efficient, new methods of handling information. Its goal is to promote agency to agency collaboration by creating a network that improves in efficiency with more members and to cut both monetary and time costs for all parties involved with the exchange of sensitive information. A successful implementation of our digital ID product could revolutionize the industry and pave the way for further groundbreaking technological advancements that serve the traveling public.

Media and Case Studies

NYCEDC Announces Winners of Annual NYC BigApps Blockchain Competition

"New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced the winners of the annual innovation challenge, NYC BigApps. The three grand prize winners will receive a cash award along with legal, computing, marketing and other opportunities to further develop their proposals."

Milligan Partners was one of the winners. "Identity: MyCity.ID by Milligan Partners proposed a blockchain-based, self-sovereign digital ID that will improve the verification of identity-related information. The end goal is to improve the process of applying for social services and benefits by using pre-verified information, making the process faster and easier for residents and service providers. MyCity.ID proposes a private blockchain network that would keep individuals’ information secure and allow them to control who can see and use their ID."


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