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Replica is a data platform for the built environment. We built the first nationwide activity-based travel model so our customers in the public and private sectors can get the most detailed look yet at the complex interconnections among people, places, transportation networks, and economies.

Where does Replica operate?

Replica provides nationwide activity-based travel demand model.

How does Replica provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Replica is designed to make transportation more resilient, equitable and accessible for all.

How does Replica make its products or services equitable?

We believe that cities can make more informed choices about its transportation and infrastructure decisions by using data. We have worked with numerous cities to help make their services more equitable, including working with the MTA to adapt the subway at the start of Covid in order to best serve essential workers.

Media and Case Studies

Chicago RTA

"More than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, RTA needed to understand how daytime population counts were changing, by census tract, throughout the economic recovery. The agency needed data to inform financial and strategic planning, and specifically needed to investigate how changes in commuter habits could affect funding streams via sales taxes and rider fares. Using Replica Trends data, RTA was able to estimate the number of daily commuters into each census tract during different periods throughout the pandemic. Trends provided the number of people in each tract in the daytime hours, allowing RTA to find average daytime population statistics. By subtracting the residential population for each tract, RTA could see how many people had commuted into each tract in a given week. The agency fed this Trends data into its preferred visualization tool to create visuals for a meeting with its board of directors, presenting a clear illustration of the ways commuting habits continued to change over the course of the pandemic."


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