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RideCo offers on-demand transit technology solutions to transit agencies around the world, operating mainly in North America but expanding globally. Our solutions cover a range of use cases, including low-density area mobility, underperforming bus routes, first/last mile, employee and long distance commuting, and paratransit.

Where does RideCo operate?

We operate in over 60 cities.

How does RideCo provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

We provide paratransit services on-demand for persons with disabilities and the elderly. Our services enable freedom to book rides on-demand and empowers passengers through visibility into their trip.

How does RideCo make its products or services equitable?

Our company's services enable equity through offering mobility options to those who cannot access them, such as those in low-density suburban areas. Our services also lower cost per passenger.

Media and Case Studies

How LA Metro is building the world’s largest on-demand transit system with RideCo

"LA Metro, America's third-largest public transit agency by ridership, found that more than 50% of trips taken in LA County were short, solo trips that did not leverage public transit. To address this problem, the agency partnered with RideCo to launch a state-of-the-art 100-vehicle microtransit service in 6 zones across LA County."


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