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Veo is bringing the next generation of shared electric bikes and scooters to cities and universities across the nation. Veo directly designs, manufactures, and operates a fleet of affordable micromobility options, including standing and seated e-scooters, bikes, and e-bikes, so you can unlock the joy of riding.

Where does Veo operate?

How does Veo provide accessible adaptive equipment for persons with disabilities?

Veo offers mixed fleets of vehicles in order to provide a more dynamic, accessible, and comprehensive service to communities. This includes an adaptive wheelchair device and our Cosmo seated e-scooter. Our adaptive wheelchair device allows non-motorized wheelchairs to operate as motorized devices. Our Cosmo seated e-scooter features a lower center of gravity and large tires, making it easier to handle by riders of diverse ages and abilities.

How does Veo make its products or services equitable?

Veo believes everyone deserves access to affordable and accessible clean transportation. The Veo Access Plan provides income-based discounts to increase access to micromobility for people with low incomes, and Veo's in-house operations staff ensure that geographic equity priorities are consistently met and that our bikes and scooters are reliably available throughout our service areas. Additionally, stable, long-term partnerships mean we can collaborate closely with our City and university partners to ensure our programs meet the unique equity priorities of each community.

Media and Case Studies

500 E-Assist Bikes to Soon Boost Seattle Bike-Share Fleet

"A new fleet of rental bicycles is coming to Seattle, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation, adding to the mix of scooters and e-assist bikes already available on the city’s streets. Chicago-based Veo will deploy 500 free-floating, e-assist bicycles in Seattle in the coming days. The company is permitted to add up to 1,500 bikes, which CEO and co-founder Candice Xie said they will likely do within two to three months. Veo’s bikes will be partially electric, helping riders along as they pedal. They will also come equipped with a power-assist throttle on their handlebars for an extra boost up hills. Speeds on the bikes will be capped at 15 mph, even when coasting downhill."


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