Podcast: National Shared Mobility Summit, 2019

Date: Mar 6, 2019

Logo, Shared Mobility Summit, 2019

Shared Mobility Summit

The 2019 National Shared Mobility Summit included an wide range of contributors from both the public and private sector.  You can listen to the keynote and the plenary recordings below.

  1. Shared Mobility Innovations and Future Trends
    From autonomous vehicles and ridesourcing-transit integrations to e-bikes and dockless scooters, today’s shared mobility developments would have been unheard of only a few years ago. So what’s next? Listen to and join an international panel of transportation leaders from public and private sectors share the latest mobility innovations and discuss the policies, partnerships and technology that can bring them to life in a pilot near you.
    Moderator: Vince Valdes, Associate Administrator for Research, Demonstration and Innovation, FTA
    • Tiffany Chu, COO of Remix
    • Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America
    • Daniel Ramot, CEO of Via
    • Joshua Schank, Chief Innovation Officer, LA Metro
  2. Shared Mobility Summit Startup Spotlight
    Hear from the finalists of this exciting competition!
  3. Advancing Access to Employment and Economic Opportunities
    Transportation creates divides, connecting some communities while excluding others. Yet shared mobility has the potential to change cities and regions into areas where economic success is not dependent on owning a car. We will discuss how multimodal innovations and public-private partnerships can equalize access to a wide range of employment options, as well as increase productivity, open up new markets for business, and increase supply chain efficiency. Further, they will discuss the role and responsibility of invested parties to ensure that all persons can benefit from and participate in this strengthened economy. Moderator: Mary Wisniewski, Transportation Reporter, Chicago Tribune
    • Jameson Auten: VP of Regional Service Delivery and Innovations at Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
    • Dorval Carter: President of the Chicago Transit Authority
    • Anita Cozart: Managing Director, PolicyLink
    • Roger Millar: Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation
    • Brad Miller: CEO, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
  4. Keynote: Former Secretary Anthony Foxx, Chief Policy Officer, and Advisor to the President and Chief Executive Officer at Lyft
  5. Multi-Modal Mergers: When Single Agencies and Corporations Control Multiple Mobility Options
    Read the business news and you’ll find that the modes are coming together—thanks in a large part to mergers and acquisitions. This brings a new set of concerns as single agencies and corporations are controlling diverse modes, and offers benefits to users including easier mode transfers and payment integration. This panel will feature private- and public sector leaders discussing and debating multi-modal mergers.
    Moderator: Mariia Zimmerman, MZ Strategies
    • Jon Coleman, Director, City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility
    • Ryan Rzepecki, CEO of JUMP
    • Jake Sion, COO of Transit App
    • Gary Thomas, President/Executive Director, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  6. Wednesday Morning Panel – Multi-modal Mobility Solutions for a Sustainable Future
    Carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change and transportation is the leading cause of emissions in the US. Mobility that is accessible, affordable and efficient is a vital part of livable communities where everyone can thrive. This panel, which features agency heads and city leaders from North America, will feature brief presentations and a discussion
    about a multi-modal mobility solutions for a sustainable future.
    Moderator: Laura Bliss, Staff Writer, City Lab
    • Randy Clarke,
    President and CEO of Capital Metro, Austin, Texas
    • Sadhu Johnston
    , City Manager, Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Stephanie Pollack
    , CEO of Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  7. Keynote: Shelley Poticha, Managing Director, Healthy People & Thriving
    Communities Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
  8. Shared Mobility Summit Wednesday Introduction: The Constantly Evolving World of Shared Mobility
    Sharon Feigon,
    Co-Founder & Executive Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center
    Clayton Lane, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shared-Use Mobility Center
    Karen Tamley, Commissioner, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, Chicago



Listen to the 2018 Shared Mobility Summit and Plenaries Here.