Virtual Workshop Resources – Human Services Transportation: Making Mobility as a Service Universal, 2020

Date: Jun 4, 2020

Thursday, June 4 | 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm CDT

This panel discussion will look at opportunities for data integration around human service transportation and larger Mobility Management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) initiatives. From policy to practice, experts in the field will discuss the needs, opportunities, and strategies for creating an integrated mobility system that connects human service transportation to public transit. Following the plenary discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss policy strategies that could be adopted at either a city, state, or federal level to encourage data sharing and integration across public and private sectors.

Plenary Discussion Supporting Presentation (See link to view video on slide 3 of the PowerPoint deck)

Workshop Definitions

Breakout Session Instructions


  • Al Benedict, Research Manager, Shared-Use Mobility Center.
  • Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, AARP Public Policy Institute (Moderator)
  • Judy Shanley, Easterseals Director, National Center for Mobility Management
  • Roger Teal, Co-founder, DemandTrans Solutions
  • Katherine Freund, Founder and President, ITNAmerica
  • Joseph Yawn, Transportation Technology Administrator, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Susan Weber, Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration Region 5
  • Danielle Nelson, Office of Program Management, Rural and Targeted Programs Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility Lead, Federal Transit Administration

Resources referenced during the workshop

AARP Public Policy Institute (

  • Article and Videos on Denmark’s world renown demand responsive transportation service
  • Miscellaneous reports and blogs related to the future of transportation, including Universal Mobility as a Service, Mobility Management, and principles for the road ahead.
  • AARP’s non-technical summary of the transactional data specification for demand responsive transportation.

 Transit Cooperative Research Program Report 210

 Shared-Use Mobility Center (

National Center for Mobility Management (

Federal Coordinating Committee on Access and Mobility


ITNAmerica (

  • ITNCountry: Transportation for Rural and Small Communities ( will use the transactional  data specification
  • Rides In Sight—the largest searchable on-line database of all senior transportation in the country, including almost 1,000 non-profit volunteer services (

Atlanta Regional Commission: (


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