Law Establishing Carsharing in the City Fleet, New York, New York, 2015


The law requires the city to establish a car sharing program for the fleet of passenger vehicles owned by the City, excluding certain emergency and specially designed vehicles. Every year from 2016 to 2020, the City would be required to reduce the City fleet by at least two percent through strategies including car sharing. The City would also be required to submit annual reports on the program to the Council.

Such reports shall include, but not be limited to: (1) an evaluation of such car sharing program; (2) recommendations, if any, for changing any component(s) of such car sharing program; (3) data regarding the use of car sharing, disaggregated by city agency; (4) the utilization of services of car sharing organizations, if applicable; (5) the impact of such car sharing program on expenses related to the city fleet; and (6) the number and percentage of motor vehicles removed from the city fleet since the inception of such car sharing program and, if applicable, the number and percentage of motor vehicles removed in the preceding twelve months. In addition, the report due no later than February 1, 2021 shall contain an evaluation of the size of the city fleet and recommendations, if any, for further reducing the size of such fleet.

Key Definitions: "Car sharing” means a shared-use motor vehicle program that provides a geographically distributed fleet of motor vehicles that is made available to entities or persons on an hourly or short-term basis, or provides technology that enables the city to share internally its city-owned or leased vehicles.
Citation: Local Law No. 41, 2015

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