New York City Proposes Free Carshare Parking Spaces through Pilot Program, 2016

  • Date Enacted: Dec 1, 2016


The New York City Department of Transportation will launch a new pilot program in 2017 to allow qualifying carshare companies to access to 600 citywide parking spaces, about half of which in municipal lots and the other half on public streets. The participating companies will be required to provide important data to the city including curb use and mobility. In addition to the pilot program being used as a test ground to examine the benefits of carshare the NYCDOT also believes the utilization of public spaces will expand service areas increasing equitable dispersion which has been a reoccurring issue for carshare companies around the country. Two bills have been proposed by city council members to specify how car-share and public infrastructure interact, however the DOT would like to use the pilot project to experiment before deciding on a permanent path forward.

The pilot homepage includes a map where residents may suggest locations for the parking spots. 

Updated August 2017

Citation: Proposed Bill 873 & 267

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