Car Sharing Pilot Program

  • Date Enacted: Apr 24, 2009


Authorizes the designation of certain streets or portions of streets for the exclusive parking privilege of motor vehicles participating in a carshare vehicle program, to authorize the issuance of permits that allow vehicles participating in a city’s carshare vehicle program to park in the exclusive designated parking areas, and to authorize the removal of vehicles parked in violation of restrictions posted pursuant to this ordinance. Citation: ORDINANCE NO. 180602

Key Definitions: "1. A Carshare Vehicle shall mean a motor vehicle that is operated as part of a regional fleet by a public or private car sharing company or organization and provides hourly or daily service. 2. The City's Carshare Program shall mean a program whereby the Department of Transportation designates parking spaces for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying Department-issued Carshare Permits. 3. A Carshare Permit shall mean a permit issued by the Department of Transportation to a Carshare Vehicle meeting the requirements of this section, which exempts the vehicle from the parking restrictions posted pursuant to this. section. 4. An Eligible Carshare Organization shall mean a public or private company or organization satisfying the criteria of this section." p.1
Citation: ORDINANCE NO. 180602

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