An Ordinance Regulating Pedicabs, Houston, Texas, 2014

  • Date Enacted: Aug 6, 2014


Ordinance Amending Chapter 1 and 46 to the Code of Ordinances, City of Houston, relating to the regulation of vehicles for hire- Section III. refers to Pedicab regulations

Description sourced from Ordinance

An Ordinance amending Chapters 1 and 46 of the Code of Ordinances, Houston, Texas, relating to the regulation of vehicles for hire; creating a regulatory framework for the operation of mobile dispatch services and transportation network companies; declaring certain conduct to be unlawful and providing penalties therefor; containing findings and oher provisions relating to the foregoing subject; providing for severability; containing a repealer; and declaring an emergency. 

See Municipal Code website for latest version. 

Updated July 2017

Citation: Chapter46
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  • Houston, Texas, US
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