An Ordinance to Modify Definitions of “Limousine” & “Pre-Arranged Contractual Carrier,” Jacksonville, Florida, 2013

  • Date Enacted: Nov 23, 2013


Changes regulations controlling vehicles for hire. Removes requirement that black car services book riders at least a half hour in advance. New regulations requiring: the creation of an online database of permitted owners and drivers; insurance and permits; inspection of trip logs; vehicle inspection every 120 days. Citation: Ordinance 2013-554-E

Key Definitions: "Digital Dispatch Service means a business or company that contracts with a licensed vehicle-for-hire business or company to provide digital dispatch service of limousines, sedans or prearranged contractual carriers to members of the public who seek transportation service, via a computer, a mobile phone application, text, email or Web-based reservation, by advance reservation. A digital dispatch service may also be referred to as a third party contractor operating in the vehicle for hire industry." p.2
Citation: Ordinance 2013-554-E

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