Bicycle Incentive, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2009

  • Date Enacted: Jan 9, 2009


The minimum automobile parking requirement for each non-residential use may be reduced ten percent or one space, whichever is greater, where bicycle parking spaces are provided equal to twenty-five percent of the number of required automobile spaces specified in Table 541-1, Specific Off-Street Parking Requirements, but not less than four bicycle parking spaces. This incentive shall allow for a reduction in the automobile parking requirement of no more than twenty-five spaces on a zoning lot.

Key Definitions: In general. All developments containing five hundred thousand (500,000) square feet or more of new or additional gross floor area shall include secure bicycle parking spaces, shower facilities and clothing storage areas as provided in Table 549-3, Required Bicycle Facilities. Such facilities shall be for the use of the employees and occupants of the building. Where a development includes automobile parking spaces that are monitored or are covered or weather protected, bicycle parking spaces required by this section shall be provided on the same basis. For the purposes of this section, a secure bicycle parking space shall include a bicycle rack that permits the locking of the bicycle frame and one (1) wheel to the rack, and that supports the bicycle in a stable position without damage to wheels, frame or components.

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