BlueIndy Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Sharing Concession Agreement, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2015

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  • Date Enacted: Sep 1, 2015
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The BlueIndy electric vehicle (EV) car sharing program was launched in September 2015 after an agreement between the City of Indianapolis and the Bolloré group of the French Autolib’ company, as well as with Indianapolis Power and Light.

The service starts with an initial quantity of 200 charging stations, with an anticipated quantity of 1000, and around 200 vehicles, with eventually 500 vehicles (Sec. 2.03). Included in the contract are the locations of the first two stages of the chargers (Ex. A & B) and the specifications for the chargers and the stations (Ex. C & D). The main text of the contract I. defines terms; II. grants to the company the right to place chargers in the right-of-way; III. delineates which maintenance responsibilities are the cities; with the remainder of the articles devoted to indemnification, damages, terms, etc.

The BlueIndy contract (2015) includes two amendments that update the 2014 agreement. Notably, Indianapolis Power and Light agrees to provide additional assistance to the BlueIndy program.

The third amendment to the agreement largely serves to update the rates notification clause, and to modify the station locations clause to include extensive public outreach. The original contract included specific locations for the original stations. Public input will be sought for future locations.

Updated January 2018

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