Buffalo, NY BikeShare Demonstration Project NYSERDA 2012-2015

  • Date Enacted: Dec 1, 2015


This report documents the startup and continued operation of Buffalo BikeShare, a service offered by Shared Mobility Inc., one of the first “sharing” organizations to offer both cars and bikes for shared use. The Buffalo BikeShare project included three years of experimentation, testing, and implementation of the first commercial Social Bicycles (SoBi) system that lasted from March 2012 until December 2015.

The project’s goals were to: 

  1. Advance State and federal livability goals through development of a bicycle sharing program.
  2. Utilize Buffalo BikeShare as a real-time transportation planning and urban design tool.
  3. Demonstrate bicycle sharing to be a viable, convenient, healthy, and sustainable transportation
    option in a city in an Upstate New York without ongoing public subsidy. 

Excerpts sourced from the Buffalo Bike Share Demonstration Project Report

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