City of Portland Smart Cities Challenge Proposal “Ubiquitous Mobility for Portland”

  • Date Enacted: Feb 4, 2016


The City of Portland is in a moment of significant opportunity with in-migration rates among the highest in the country and robust job growth. However, increasing rents, road safety, and property values threaten our ability to remain a city for all. In the face of such growth pressure,
the City is committed to overcoming our legacy of transportation and economic development projects that have dismantled minority and low-income communities. Concurrently, the City is committed to achieving an 80 percent reduction of local carbon emissions by 2050.

Together with our partners, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will use the Smart City Challenge grant to address these core issues, advance our goals, and leverage existing investments. We will deploy Ubiquitous Mobility for Portland (UB Mobile PDX) to realize this transformation.

Excerpt sourced from “Ubiquitous Mobility for Portland” report

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