City of Victoria Parking Strategy 2007

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2007


A sustainable Parking Strategy is a fundamental part of creating a positive downtown experience for residents, businesses, tourists, and shoppers. The City of Victoria has been continually assessing the parking needs for the downtown and the changing needs of our community (Urban Systems: Downtown Victoria Parking Assessment, April, 2007). The city’s evolving plan aims to enhance the living and business activities in the downtown and support a healthy, safe, convenient, inviting and friendly downtown. Many forward-thinking improvements have been made over the years, and others will follow, all designed to optimize parking options and services that increase the vitality of our downtown for future generations.

Overview excerpt sourced from report

Parking Strategy guiding principles will:

  • Support sustainable transportation and land-use plans and policies
  • Complement the CRD’s TravelChoices Study for the region
  • Support the economic vitality of downtown
  • Offset parking expenditures through revenues
  • Continue to focus on supplying short term parking opportunities
  • Assist Downtown Plan Update which is under review to provide further guidance regarding parking policies and regulations 

Excerpt sourced from planning document

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