Commuter Shuttle Policy and Pilot Program, San Francisco, California, 2014

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2014


Regulation creating 18 month pilot program for up approximately 200 private commuter shuttles in San Francisco to share stops with public transit buses. The Commuter Shuttle Policy was updated in January 2017.

Updated April 2018

Key Definitions: "The proposed pilot applies to privately operated transportation services that move commuters to, from, and within San Francisco. Services that are arranged by an employer, building, or institution to provide transportation home to work, work to home, last-mile to work, or work site to work site are eligible to participate in this program." p4. Not eligible: Tour buses, recreational buses, on-call point-to-point services, airport shuttles, limousines, School buses, Private individual fare transportation, Transportation Network Companies, Jitneys, Vanpools, Services that replicate Muni public transit routes. p5.
Citation: Commuter Shuttle Policy and Pilot Program

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  • San Francisco, California, US
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