Healthy Air and Clean Transportation Program, San Francisco, California, 2010

  • Date Enacted: Nov 10, 2010


Establishes and implements a new Healthy Air and Clean Transportation Program, providing for the gradual conversion of the City’s vehicle fleet to clean air vehicles and the gradual reduction of the overall number of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks in the City’s vehicle fleet by 20 percent.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHG), the ordinance as codified encourages private sector fleets to operate low-emission or zero-emission vehicles. The code also authorizes the director and/or the purchaser of the city fleet to enter into agreements with car sharing vendors to provide vehicles for official use.

Updated September 2017

Key Definitions: "Alternative Fuel Vehicle" means any motor vehicle powered by alternative fuel with low carbon intensity. P. 19
Citation: 278-10

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