Car Sharing Policy and Pilot Project San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, 2013

  • Date Enacted: Jul 1, 2013


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) implemented a two-year pilot program to create on-street parking spaces in all neighborhoods in the city for use by qualified Car Share Organizations (CSOs). To qualify, CSOs had to meet certain requirements, including stipulations regarding vehicle placement and vehicle availability. Additionally, CSOs had to provide an outreach plan addressing geographic equity. In January 2015, SFMTA approved three operators: Zipcar, City Car Share and Getaround to particpate in the project.

Excerpt from Pilot Program document

The key goals of the SFMTA’s car sharing policy are to expand the availability of car sharing across San Francisco, increase the usage of car sharing, and preserve or increase choice of car share organizations (CSOs). CSOs report that one of the key challenges for expanding car sharing is the difficulty of acquiring parking spaces for car sharing parking or “pods”, which are locations where customers can pick up a car sharing vehicle. The SFMTA can use parking policy to encourage and facilitate car sharing, and thereby realize more of its benefits. The SFMTA currently offers car sharing spaces to CSOs in off-streets lots and garages, but no formal policy is in place to guide this process. Additionally, as part of SF park and the SFMTA’s effort to better manage parking demand, the SFMTA concluded a pilot of twelve on-street car share spaces (“pods”) in spring 2012. Using lessons learned from that on-street pilot, to expand and facilitate the ability of car sharing organizations to acquire spaces for pods, the SFMTA proposes…


Key Definitions: Uses Transportation Code definition of Car Sharing Organization (CSO) as, “A public, private, or non-profit entity that provides preapproved members access to a citywide network of at least ten (10) motor vehicles in the City and County of San Francisco and meet the requirements set forth in Section 911(b) [which includes business model, insurance, identification and vehicle type requirements]."
Citation: Car Sharing Policy and Pilot Project

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