Connect2Transit Program, Marin County, CA, 2020

  • Date Launched: Jul 1, 2020


Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), Marin Transit and Uber, recently partnered to launch Connect2Transit, a program made available through the Uber app, that offers discounts on shared rides to and from major transit stations, on-demand Marin Connect microtransit service, and real-time public transit route information. This pilot is part of TAM’s first/last mile program as well as being a part of the Marin Transit Connect expansion. Its goal is to increase shared mobility options and reduce congestion and pollution. The service operates in the Marin County region of California. To access the discounts, you download the Uber app onto your smartphone and use a voucher link. The voucher unlocks discounts for shared rides for all riders as well as additional discounts offered to older adult riders and individuals with disabilities. Uber Central also allows customers to schedule a ride for Marin Connect without an Uber account. Ride options include public transit, Marin Connect which is a five-passenger van, and UberPool. Prices vary based on your selected ride and if your ride qualifies to use the voucher. Additionally, riders that qualify for Marin Access, older adults and people with disabilities, receive a flat $3.00 fare on any Marin Connect rides in the service area. Discounts are automatically applied if the voucher is downloaded. Monthly passes are not available at this time, though options to offer this in the future are being discussed. The program is also made available for non-shared rides during COVID-19 precautions. 

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