Denver Regional Council of Governments Regional TDM Short Range Plan, 2012

  • Date Enacted: Jun 1, 2012


DRCOG’s regional plans incorporate TDM as a strategy in preserving the quality of life in the Denver region. The Metro Vision 2035 Plan (MV Plan), adopted in February 2011, is the long-range growth and development plan for the Denver region. Its goal is to protect the quality of life that makes the region such an attractive place to live, work, play and raise a family. A regional transportation system and associated services are integral to the growth and development elements of Metro Vision. The MV Plan establishes a transportation vision that entails a balanced sustainable multimodal transportation system that will include rapid transit, a regional bus system, a regional roadway system, local streets, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and associated system and travel demand management services.

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  • Denver, Colorado, US
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