Ensuring Equity in Service and Fare Changes: Title VI Requirements, Federal Transit Administration, United States, 2012

  • Date Enacted: Oct 1, 2012


FTA’s Circular 4702.1B, “Title VI Requirements and Guidelines for Federal Transit Administration Recipients” provides service and fare equity guidance to transit agencies with 50 more fixed route vehicles in peak service in large urbanized areas (over 200,000 in population). All “providers of public transportation to which this Section applies shall develop written procedures consistent with this Section to evaluate, prior to implementation, any and all service changes that exceed the transit provider’rsquo;s major service change threshold, as well as all fare changes, to determine whether those changes will have a discriminatory impact based on race, color, or national origin. The written procedures and results of service and/or fare equity analyses shall be included in the transit provider’rsquo;s Title VI Program.” For service changes, this requirement applies to ‘major service changes’ only. The recipient should have established guidelines or thresholds for what constitutes a ‘major’ service change. See chapter 4, section 7 of FTA Circular 4702.1B for additional information.
Citation: FTA

Citation: FTA Circular 4702.1B

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