Improving Transit In Southeast Michigan A Framework For Action

  • Date Enacted: Oct 1, 2001


This plan sets the course for a comprehensive transit system in Southeast Michigan.

Combining extensive public input with research and technical analysis, the study finds that an improved transit system would benefit the entire transportation system by providing a balance of viable options. A comprehensive transit system would enhance the region’s economic competitiveness, address needs of the transit dependent, and provide a choice for those who do not have to use transit. To be effective, the transit system must be dependable, frequent, fast, safe, and affordable. The study calls for a four-tiered transit system: a 12-corridor, rapid transit network; enhanced fixed-route bus service; improved and expanded community transit, and the establishment of regional transit links. These four tiers would be accompanied by a full set of amenities. Increased funding is necessary to implement the proposed system. The regional transit plan, which is not financially constrained, will serve as an illustrative element in the 2025 RTP.

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