Licensing and Regulation of For-Hire Motor Vehicles, Miami-Dade County, Florida, 2016


These for-hire regulations includes regulations for both taxis and TNCs. In order to accommodate the latter, the ordinance modified assignment, vehicle, training, etc. requirements, as noted in the attached ordinance.

Key Definitions: E-Request means a pre-arranged request for service through a software program or application approved by RER residing on a smartphone or other electronic device which performs one or more of the following functions: allows a passenger to identify the location(s) of available taxicabs in a given area and allows a taxicab to identify the location of a passenger who is currently ready to travel; allows a passenger to request a taxicab via the electronic device; allows a taxicab to receive a request from a passenger if the application provides for connecting a passenger to a taxicab; and allows a passenger to pay for taxicab fares through the application.
Citation: 31.II

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