Measuring the Impact of an Unanticipated Suspension of Ride-Sourcing in Austin, Texas, 2017

  • Date Enacted: May 31, 2017


From the abstract:

On May 7, 2016 residents of Austin, TX voted against Proposition 1, which would have allowed transportation networking companies (TNCs) to continue using their own background check systems. The defeat of the proposition prompted Uber and Lyft to suspend services in Austin indefinitely. The suspension provided for a natural experiment to measure the impact of the suspension on travel behavior. In examining the impact, we conducted an online survey that combines stated and revealed preference questions (N=1,840) of former Uber and/or Lyft users in Austin to explore the effect of the suspension on travel behavior….The vehicle acquisition trend was driven primarily by respondents who were inconvenienced by the service suspension—the odds of acquiring a car for an inconvenienced respondent was more than five times that of an individual who was not. These results suggest that TNCs may contribute to reduced car ownership and trip making.

Updated August 2017

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  • Austin, Texas, US
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