Michigan DOT developing statewide NEMT brokerage system, Michigan, 2018

  • Featured Overview
  • Date Launched: Sep 1, 2017
  • Date Ended: Mar 1, 2019
  • Dates given are approximate.
  • Pilot Project Timeframe: 18 months


The Michigan DOT – in collaboration with non-profit Michigan Transportation Connection, Michigan Public Transit Association, MassTrans, the Community Transportation Association of America & area health centers – was awarded over $1 million from the FTA as part of the federal Rides to Wellness Demonstration and Innovation Coordinated Access and Mobility grants. The grant is intended to fund an 18-month project to expand a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokerage system available in part of the state to be available statewide.

The project, titled the Michigan Access to Wellness (MATW) Project, will develop software and incorporate non-profit and private transportation providers’ offerings to route calls and requests for transportation-related services. Each of the 10 counties in the state will have their own Mobility Management Center (MMC) that will coordinate trips based on location and visit type. Individual health centers will incorporate the software and direct clients on how to use the service. NEMT is particularly important for older adults, people with low incomes, and people with disabilities, who often face greater barriers to accessing non-emergency healthcare.

Some established performance metrics (measured per region) include:

  • number of late/missed trips or cancellations; number of no-shows; number of complaints files and complaint resolutions;
  • average hold times on calls;
  • number of abandoned calls;
  • average turn time for returning calls; and
  • trips reserved by county in each region based on trip types, procedural/clinic visits, trip requests, mental health services.

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