Microtransit and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report, Canada, 2016

  • Date Enacted: Jun 1, 2016
  • Dates given are approximate.


The Canadian organizations MaRS Discovery District, The Atmospheric Fund, and COOP Carbone released a report entitled Microtransit: An Assessment of Potential to Drive Greenhouse Gas Reductions that looks at the potential of using microtransit as a means of reducing single occupancy vehicle use, and by extension greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, in the greater Toronto and Montreal metropolitan areas. The report authors along the way explain a wide range of topics, including: delivery models and consumer typologies.

Ultimately, after calculating the GHG savings (the methodology might be helpful for future studies), the authors conclude that microtransit might hold significant potential to reduce  transportation related GHG emissions.

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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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