MTC Carshare Call for Projects

  • Date Enacted: Jul 1, 2014


Plan Bay Area, the region’s long-range transportation plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, invests $13 million in car sharing over the course of the Plan to achieve a 2.6 percent per capita reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Car Sharing Program is a $2 million grant program that aligns with the car sharing goals identified in Plan Bay Area and the Climate Initiatives Program.


1. Suburban or urban communities that do not have robust car sharing service

2. Underserved minority and/or low-income communities

3. Business parks and transit connections

4. Innovative/new technologies, i.e. point-to-point car sharing, electric vehicle (EV) fleet

See Equity Carshare Policies and Practice, Oakland, California, 2015 for full analysis.