Northgate Non-Motorized Access to Transit and Education

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2015


Northgate Non-Motorized Access to Transit and Education

The city of Seattle submitted an application for $25 mil TIGER grant in 2015 to match nearly $30 milion in local and private investments to connect transit, jobs and education.

The Northgate Non-Motorized Access to Transit and Education project will:

  • Build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge across I-5 linking North Seattle College to a new  Light Rail station
  • Create a host of pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements in the Northgate station area
  • Launch a 250-station, citywide electric-assist bikeshare expansion to provide first-mile/last mile access to the region’s light rail and Rapid Ride system
  • Improve access to all of the region’s education centers

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Citation: City of Seattle DUNS: 9483561