Transportation Network Provider Regulations, Chicago, Illinois, 2019

  • Date Enacted: Nov 8, 2017


Illinois does not preemptively regulate ridesourcing companies, so . The original ordinance regulating TNPs was passed in 2014, and updated in 2017 (the latter is attached below). The regulations as codified may be found, here.

The annual license is notable in that it adds a tax to the fare that provides revenue for equity goals.

Ordinance Amending Taxi/TNP Tax (2017)

The City of Chicago passed an ordinance that taxes transportation network provider (TNP) services “$0.55 per vehicle per ride accepted during 2018, and $0.60 for every such ride during 2019 and after.” It also raises the fee for airport and convention (“McPier”) pick-ups and drop-offs. The revenue for these fees will be applied to Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) capital budgets, specifically the FastTracks program.


Updated Chicago Airports Geo-Fencing and Request Zones.

The city also updated its regulations for airport pick-up and drop-off zones, and created staging lots for the TNPs.

Updated July 2019

Citation: O2017-7809

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