Oregon Taskforce on Autonomous Vehicles, Oregon, 2018

  • Date Enacted: Apr 1, 2018


In April 2018, the Oregon DOT was named the state’s lead agency regarding autonomous vehicles (AVs), and it established the Oregon Taskforce on AVs. The taskforce consists of law enforcement representatives, legislators, cybersecurity experts and transportation sector professionals, among others, and its objective is to develop recommendations for automated vehicle legislation.

In September 2018, the taskforce submitted to the Oregon legislature its first report with its recommendations for AV-related legislation. This report explored matters pertaining to licensing and registration, law enforcement and crash reporting, cybersecurity, and insurance and liability. In September of 2019, the taskforce submitted its second report, which focused on land use, road and infrastructure design, public transit, workforce changes, and state responsibilities relating to cybersecurity and privacy.


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