Pennsylvania passes legislation to permit TNCs, 2016

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  • Date Enacted: Nov 4, 2016


SB 984 allows Uber and Lyft to operate legally in Philadelphia, PA.  TNCs were previously operating under a temporary contract that expired in September 2016 and were therefore operating illegally until SB 984 was signed in November, 2016.  Among the overall requirements for operation the bill discusses the 1.4% levy that will be assessed on all prearanged Uber and Lyft trips that originate from the city.  The State Treasurer will distribute 66.7% of the levy to the shcool district and 33.3% to the Parking Authority on a quarterly basis.

Update February 2017

The School District of Philadelphia reported that Uber and Lyft brought in more than $44 million in their first two months of operation when they were operating under the temporary license that imposed a 1% levy on TNC rides, resulting in nearly $358,00 in funding for the school district.

Under the new terms and the 1.4% levy the school district is expected to recieve $2 to $2.5 million annually.

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Citation: SB 984
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